Una Doyle - Profit Finding Queen and Coach Una Doyle

Úna Doyle is the Founder of CreativeFlow.tv and a Speaker, Business Strategist and Impact Coach for SMEs.

Una has set a HUGE goal:

To help ambitious creative business owners to unlock 100 MILLION in additional revenues, while creating 1 MILLION days of smiles for those in need.

And just in the last few months she has already helped business owners to unlock over 3 MILLION in additional revenues – without needing to spend an extra penny on marketing or advertising.

With her “Impact Driven Growth” Methodology, Una helps business owners to transform their business into one that makes a bigger positive impact on their finances and lifestyle, their clients, their team and the causes they care about.

All in practical ways that mean they stop working too many hours, reduce stress and increase confidence and creative flow.

Una has been coaching and consulting since 2003, she’s happily married to Steve and loves sewing her own vintage-inspired clothes.

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