Ian Preston - LinkedIn Coach and Trainer Ian Preston

Ian is a leading Business Coach & Trainer and Keynote Speaker.

He has spent the last 30+ years in Sales & Marketing and has taken a particular interest in the art, science and psychology of selling, which he has shared by leading, training & coaching many teams and individuals over the years.

Ian recognised that LinkedIn was a massively underutilised marketing tool and now spends a lot of his time working with individuals and businesses to help them use LinkedIn more effectively to find, connect and engage with their ideal clients.

Ian heads up his own consultancy which provides training and coaching services designed to improve business and personal performance.

He helps individuals and businesses be more successful by:
★ Articulating their vision and strategy to achieve it
★ Attracting and engaging with better quality prospects and key people in your market
★ Increasing your visibility and credibility
★ Making even more sales
★ Working more effectively and efficiently

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